Farms Galore

July 05, 2008

We had an exciting two weeks - Eddie Izzard in Nashville, lunch beside Julia Butterfly Hill, and the Mountain Farm Tour (always my favorite).  Eddie Izzard was hilarious as expected.  He never disappoints.  W and I enjoyed Nashville.  It was our first visit and we did many of the touristy things, but also trekked out on our own a bit.  The Farm Tour was nothing short of spectacular and it renewed my need for the solace that comes with a simplier life.  Don't get me wrong, I know the work will be hard and there will be days that we'll regret the decision to own a farm, but I think on the whole the satisfaction will outweigh the hardships.  We visited an old favorite - Firefly Farm - and were glad to see they seem to be doing quite well.  We also visited Full Circle Family Farm, a first for us.  We were quite impressed.  They are completely off grid and appear to be mostly self-sustaining.  They have 11 acres in total - 1 1/2 in production - and grow tons of veggies, raise goats & chickens and keep bees.  I could picture myself living on that land and feeling satisfied. We listened to the Alchemist on the way to Nashville and can only feel that the search for land and that type of life is now our own personal destiny.

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