Taste Full Beans

September 18, 2010

We finished the set up at Taste Full Beans just in time for the Art Crawl that was held on Thursday night.  Although turnout wasn't quite what it has been in past, I think it was a fairly successful night.  I spent most of it bouncing back and forth between the coffee shop and the Vendor Meet & Greet at the Emporium across the way.  I'm really happy with the display at TFB.  Many, many thanks to Jeanne who managed to come up with it in only a few short days. Here's our beginning: And the end result: The table holds some business cards and the picture frame has information about us.  Here's a slightly closer view of the display without the table. The bottom shelves all hold gift sets.  We pre-wrapped the boxes with ribbon so that people can choose the three scents they like and build their own gift. The lip balm seems to be popular there.  I love these little bowls - so cute and a perfect fit. And, of course, the soap.  Since the Emporium is opening soon and Wayne is still at the Farmer's Market in Hickory on Wednesdays, we didn't want to leave too much product so we chose four flavors - unscented, patchouli (my personal favorite), evening glow (mix of rosewood, sweet orange, and tea tree oil), and honey oatmeal. And more soap.  Isn't it pretty on the plates? Our products will be available for purchase at Taste Full Beans until the end of October.  I am hopeful that it will introduce more people to our products and get our name out in the community. The booth at the Emporium is coming along and we hope to be done by the end of next week.  The Grand Opening is October 1st and they have some exciting things planned!

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July 04, 2015

Glad you like the displays Sabre, thanks. The Emporium will be a mix in between the two displays. I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can post some pictures.

We hope to be able to move to different parts of the state. It’s all a matter of timing though and going too far from home makes stocking challenging.


July 04, 2015

love the displays, very elegant. I think it’s good that you are kind of customizing the displays to the venue, the metal pans at the farmer’s market and the more elegant at the coffee shop. It also seems like a good idea to be placing your product in multiple locations to get your name out there. Do you have any plans to branch out to different parts of the state or are you going to stay close to home?

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