Sustainable: Organic Grower's School ~ Spring Conference

January 21, 2016

Every once in a while...maybe only a few times in your life you stumble onto a place or an event or a group of people and you just know that you are in...a good place.  This was the experience J & I had when we first attended the Organic Growers School's Spring Conference in Asheville, NC.  We along with hundreds of other like minded folks crowded onto the campus of UNCA to learn about beekeeping, growing mushrooms, organic gardening and much more.  My favorite memory was a workshop where my team built a mud oven that would later be used for baking pizzas, roasting sweet potatoes and more.

This is on my mind because I just received my brochure for this years conference and it has me checking my calendar to see how I can squeeze it in our busy schedule.  The classes are conveniently organized into different "tracks".  From the Mushroom and Gardening tracks to Permaculture and Sustainable Forestry tracks there is truly something for everyone, whether you are a mindful consumer, a weekend warrior or are a full time farmer.  Check out the full class schedule below or at the OGS website.

   In addition to these amazing classes they are holding three full day workshops on the Friday before the conference.  This year, the workshops focus on The Principles of Biodynamics, Medicinal Herbs to Know & Grow and finally Backyard Chickens and Beyond.   

If you care deeply about sustainable living, healthy eating, raising backyard chickens, gardening, herb cultivation and so much more...then these folks are your tribe.  Western NC has developed one of the most robust local and sustainable agricultural communities in the country and events such as the OGS Spring Conference are critical to the virtuous cycle that is its foundation.

Another amazing perk is that the OGS Spring Conference is held just minutes from downtown Asheville.  At the end of the day, you can stop in one of many incredible restaurants and enjoy food raised and grown by some of the same folks that taught and attended your classes.  

Live with intention and be well


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