New Year's Renewal

December 31, 2017

Happy New Year


Ahhh, the New Year. A time of celebration and of looking forward.  A time of making promises to ourselves and others about how much better we will be in the year ahead than we were in the one now behind us.  

The first few weeks (or months if you possess a bit more resolve than I) are often filled with lots of activity, if not more energy.  It frequently involves more trips to the gym, learning a new skill, more activities in your faith community or visits to family.  Maybe it means more investment in volunteer efforts or planning some extra travel.  All of these are wonderful activities that can bring a great deal of value to our lives and to the lives of those who are dear to us.  But if you are starting these efforts having not recovered from the year before, you may find your self lacking the energy or the emotional and mental resolve that you need to accomplish all that you hope.

Photo: GC Himani

This year I'm taking a cue from nature.  As I look around the woods behind our house or walk through the local park, I can't help but notice the stillness.  Mother nature is at rest; recovering from a year of growth.  She is renewing and rejuvenating herself for what is to come. In our non-stop, action oriented society it is easy to undervalue rest, renewal and personal care.

Photo Credit: Achim Thomae

Personal care can take many forms.  It may be a new meditation or yoga practice.  It could be treating yourself to a monthly spa day or just a nice weekly bath.  It could also be as simple as getting up a few minutes earlier in the morning and having a quiet cup of coffee before the rest of the house starts to stir.  

Whatever works for you and your life style, take some time for your self.  Take time to rest and recover from the intensity and frenetic nature of the holidays.  Let your mind and body embrace the feeling of being well rested of having a full reservoir of energy.  

Take time to care for the caretaker!

Be Well,



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