Goat Milk Lavender Bar Soap


Cleansing Is An Opportunity, Not A Task

Our Goat Milk Lavender Bar Soap invites you to slow down and bring intention to the process of cleansing.  As you wash, the rich lather will infuse the air with the calming scent of lavender leaving you grounded, balanced, and settled.  The blend of organic oils, goat milk, and ground oats will imbue a deep sense of renewal.  You will leave the shower feeling calm and restored with the tension and anxiety of the day having melted away.  

Each bar is handcrafted with a unique blend of organic palm-free oils, butters, botanicals, and essential oils which creates a luxurious lather that moisturizes while it gently cleanses the skin.  

Net Weight - 4.0 oz

Ingredients: organic coconut oil, water, organic olive oil, sodium hydroxide, organic sunflower oil, goat milk, organic castor oil, organic jojoba oil, organic avocado oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic oats

For the longest lasting bar, keep dry between uses.  Our cedar soap dish is a perfect way to extend the life of your bar. 

Cruelty free

Natural & Organic

USA Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
My favorite soap!

I have been using this soap for I think 6 or 7 years now! It is the only soap I’ll use. It makes my skin feel so soft and I love the little bit of texture from the oatmeal!


Smells beautiful and the seller is wonderful.


Smells great and arrived quickly!

Wonderful soap

I can't recommend this soap enough!

Great product and company

I love this bar soap, it smells great and is moisturizing! The body butter is perfect for healing dry skin in the cold weather. I love this company’s story, manifesto, and that they give proceeds back to charity. The handwritten thank you I received with my order was a personal touch that made me even more happy to support this small business.