Lavender Luxuries Gift Box

Self-Care is the Most Important Thing You Do

Do you know someone who needs (and deserves) to slow down a bit?  Someone who is often too busy taking care of others to make time for themselves.  This luxury collection isn’t just a gift, it’s an invitation.

It is a gentle suggestion to take a moment, breath deeply, and practice a little self-care.  It is an acknowledgment of all the effort and sacrifice that special someone has made and an expression of your gratitude for all that they are.

This collection is recommended for hardworking mother’s (especially new ones), loving spouses, and special partners.  We also suggest you treat yourself to a little luxury every once in a while.

Luxury Gift Box Includes: Hand & Cuticle Salve, Linen Spray, Bath Salt, Body OilEye Pillow, and a card that can be handwritten with a message for a recipient if you are sending a gift directly, along with warm wishes and mindful blessings from us.

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