Seasonal Starter Kit

Embrace the Season

Winter is a time for rest and introspection.  A time to slow down, curl up with a good book, and mark the passage of time with warm cups of tea.  It is a season in which we can breathe long and deep, finding stillness and rest in the crisp air.

Our newest Seasonal Scent, Eucalyptus & Mint, is an uplifting reminder.  The distinct aroma of Eucalyptus is cool, sharp, and slightly herbaceous.  In pairing it with peppermint, we've created a crisp scent that tingles the nose as you inhale, clearing the mind and bringing you into the present.

Our Seasonal Starter Kit is a wonderful way to embrace the season and to fill your life with its deep calm and equanimity.

Starter Kit Includes: Bar Soap, Hand & Cuticle Salve, Linen Spray, Hand Soap, Body Oil, and a card that can be handwritten with a message for a recipient if you are sending a gift directly, along with warm wishes and mindful blessings from us.

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