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Peppermint Clove Natural Linen Spray


Also in Our Gift Sets

Aromatherapy for Every Day

Our Peppermint & Clove Natural Linen Spray brings a crisp cool scent with a spicy undertone into your everyday life.  Whether you are freshening kitchen and bath towels, adding a little scent to your clean laundry, or spritzing pillowcases before bed, our peppermint & clove linen spray brings calm and clarity into your life in small and subtle ways.

Our natural linen spray is offered in a recyclable plastic bottle with a mini trigger sprayer.  For best results give the bottle a little shake before using.


Net Weight - 8 oz

Note: The trigger has a tab on the side that will "lock/unlock" the trigger to allow for spraying.  If your bottle arrives with the trigger in the locked position simply press the tab.

Ingredients: water, witch hazel extract, essential oil

Cruelty free

Natural & Organic


USA Made

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Jennifer Blake
Lovely fragrance in linen spray.

The lavender is a lovely, light fragrance. It is so nice to relax with this on my sheets.

Linen Spray

My family loves the Rosemary & Lemon Linen Spray. I prefer a long lingering scent but they do not. This is a great compromise as I do love the scent of rosemary and this spray leaves a fresh light scent. My husband has been using it to spray the cushions in his (boat) cabin. Those can get quite musty pretty quick and this spray helps eliminate the stink.

Anitra Spainhower
Lavender linen spray

I received the linen spray as a gift and I absolutely love it! I’m so excited to try some of the other products as well!

Special Treat

Spray our sheets every night and love the lavender smell!

Joanna Wishart
Bedtime Ritual

Spraying this is my bedtime ritual! It gets my mind ready for bed. The rose smell is so light and beautiful it puts my spirit at ease.