Relax at Home Gift Box

The Year of Home

For many of us, 2020 was a year of learning to stay at home.  It was a year of adjusting to full houses, of learning new skills (homeschooling anyone?), and of balancing new priorities, 

But how do you rest and relax when there is always laundry to be done, dishes to be put away, and work to be accomplished?  

This gift box is a reminder that even when we're home all the time, learning to relax and unwind is key.  Even if those few stolen moments are a deep breath while washing hands, a quiet meditation while rubbing salve into tired feet, or a few minutes in the evening to sit quietly with a warm neck wrap to soothe aching shoulders - those moments are essential. 

This isn't just a gift, it is an invitation.

It is a gentle suggestion to take a moment, breathe deeply, and practice a little self-care.  It is an acknowledgment of the effort and sacrifice that we all have made this year. 

The Relax at Home Gift Box includes a Hand & Cuticle Salve, Hand Soap PumpLavender Neck Wrap, and a card that can be handwritten with a message for a recipient if you are sending a gift directly, along with warm wishes and mindful blessings from us.


Sending it directly to the recipient? Click to your cart page and add a note to Whispering Willow with what you would like us to include on the card. 

Neck Wrap Pattern
Salve Scent
Hand Soap Scent

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