Have questions? We have answers.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept credit cards, PayPal, Afterpay, and Shop Pay. 

Can I buy a gift certificate? 

How does my order ship? 

  • Depending on what you choose at check out, your order will ship via USPS First Class (for very small packages), USPS Priority Mail, or UPS. 

When will my order ship?

  • We are currently shipping orders within 3-5 business days of receipt.  Please understand that during the holidays, there may be a delay. 

How long will it take my order to arrive?

  • Once your order ships, USPS or UPS should provide an estimated arrival date.  Please keep in mind that carrier related delays may occur that are outside our control. Additionally, there are always delays in transit time during the busy holiday seasons. 

Will my order ship plastic-free?

  • We use primarily paper-based packing materials.  The only time you will find bubble wrap in our packages is when we are re-using what we receive from a vendor.  At the moment we are still using plastic-based shipping tape. 

Do you include a receipt in the box? 

  • To minimize paper consumption, we don't include a receipt.  

Can a card be included if I'm sending a gift?

  • Of course! If the product is designated as a gift, there will be a gift note box that you can type in before you add the item to your cart.  Or you can add a note on the bottom of the cart page at check out.  Either way, we'll include a handwritten card in the order. Missed the places to add a note?  No worries!  Just send us a quick email at bewell@whisperingwillowsoap.com with your order number and the note you'd like us to include. 

What if I want to order multiple gifts?

  • We're happy to ship as much as you'd like to one location and always offer free US shipping over a certain amount (see the top bar for details). We kindly ask that you place one order for each shipping address.  

Can I buy Whispering Willow products locally?

  • We love it when folks support our retail partners!  Check our Store Locator to find one close to you. Please keep in mind that not all stores carry all of our products, so we suggest reaching out in advance if you are looking for something specific. 

Can I pickup my order?

  • We don't have a retail location ourselves just yet, so unfortunately not right now.  Maybe one day? :)  That said, many stores carry our products and we love it when folks support them! Check our Store Locator to find one close to you.  Please keep in mind that not all stores carry all of our products, so we suggest reaching out in advance if you are looking for something specific. 

What if I need to change the shipping address?

  • Send us a quick email to bewell@whisperingwillowsoap.com with your order number and the new shipping address and we would be happy to update your order. 

My order says delivered but I never received it.  What do I do?

  • First, please know that this happens more often than you would think.  We would ask that you start by waiting a a few days.  Often, a package will get scanned as delivered in error and it will appear after getting marked as delivered.
  • Second, check with your neighbors, your apartment building office, or any central place the package could have been left.  Sometimes it is delivered just a door or two down.  When it doubt, try to ask the delivery person if they remember where the package was left or if they may have returned it to the post office or to UPS to be picked up.
  • If neither of those options are successful, please email us at bewell@whisperingwillowsoap.com with your order number and a quick note of what you have tried so we can see what we can do to help.  

Do you accept returns? 

  • Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns.  If you have any concerns about anything you received, please email us at bewell@whisperingwillowsoap.com as we would like the opportunity to make it right. 

My items were damaged in transit

  • While we can't be responsible for items damaged in transit, please email us with the details and photos so we can try to make it right - bewell@whisperingwillowsoap.com. 

Are your products packaged in plastic?

  • At the moment, our 8oz hand soap, 15oz hand soap and body oil are in glass bottles. Our salve is poured in small metal tins. Our lip balm, linen spray, body wash, and refills are in plastic containers. 
  • All products are recyclable but regulations vary, so please verify locally before recycling.
  • Note that not all frosted glass is recyclable. We source bottles that are painted to appear frosted instead of chemically treated so they can be recycled.
  • We also encourage purchases of our bulk products to reduce single use plastics.  

Are all your products handmade?

  • With a few small exceptions, everything you see on our website is handcrafted by Julia, Wayne, and our amazing team. 
  • We love partnering with fellow small businesses for projects that are outside of our area of expertise. Our cedar soap dishes are handcrafted for us on the West coast and our tea towels were illustrated by the amazing Joanna Dee & are printed for us by a sustainable printing company in the mid West.  

Is there a list of ingredients?

  • Each product page has a full ingredient list. 

Are your products organic?

  • We choose certified organic ingredients whenever possible and some of our products contain 100% organic ingredients; however, we do not yet have our organic certification.

Are your products cruelty-free?

  • Yes!  We are officially certified as cruelty-free with Leaping Bunny. We do not participate in any animal testing nor do any of our suppliers. 

Do your products contain palm oil? 

Are your products vegan? 

  • A large number of our products are vegan; however, we do use beeswax, honey and goat milk in a few products.  We have a full list of vegan products

Are your products gluten-free? 

  • There are only two products in our line that include oats: our Honey Oatmeal Soap and our Goat Milk Lavender Soap.  The remaining products should be gluten-free. That said, we are not using certified gluten-free ingredients and we are working in a small production space where there are is the possibility of cross-contamination. 

Are your products nut-free?

  • No. We use almond oil in quite a few of our products.  We also use coconut oil extensively. 

Do you offer bulk discounts? 

  • If you are ordering a large quantity of items for your office or church, please email us and we can discuss a discount.  For retail stores, boutiques, restaurants, spas, refilleries, and online stores, we do offer wholesale

I have a question that isn't answered here...

  • Email us anytime at bewell@whisperingwillowsoap.com